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New Cryptocurrency Instant Exchange Service from Chile

This week, a new Chilean Cryptocurrency Exchange Service Crypto Intercambio was introduced to the global crypto community. As the political picture changes in Latin America, the region becomes a driving force for the mass acceptance of cryptocurrency in the next big break. Due to a growing number of crypto-exchange hacks, there has been an enormous increase in demand for instant exchange services in recent months.

Crypto assets are automatically exchanged through a crypto exchange that provides the best exchange rate for the moment of exchange. The service then sends the money to the specified address of a user’s crypto wallet.In addition to the above features, Crypto InterCambio provides access to over 100 crypto assets, as well as Spanish and Portuguese customer support.

Crypto InterCambio instant exchange service main page

Crypto InterCambio is a cryptographic exchange rate service in which the term “not neglected” represents the uncrowded amounts of users in the service. When using Crypto InterCambio, the user is always responsible for the encryption savings. In addition, Crypto InterCambio is constantly focused on developing Latin American-based crypto start-ups that want to scale their functionality. The service provides a free white-letter API that allows any blockchain-based project to be equipped with crypto-swaps between 100 assets directly in the project interface.

Despite the fact that the spread of crypto content is still lagging behind worldwide, the case is clear in Latin America. The US dollar is rising, and trade wars are causing mistrust of the traditional financial system among the regional population. While the legal environment in Latin America remains fragile, crypto-friends and companies are joining forces to create an innovative financial system that primarily meets people’s needs.

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